Żywiec is the biggest Polish beer brand. The brand essence is the appetite for life. So, instead of a ton of hop, barley and an enormous brewery, in this commercial you will see lot of courage, passion, imagination, curiosity, adventure. This is what we call the Zest, pardon me, Żest for life.

Client // Zywiec // Heineken Group
Agency // 2012 Agency
Executive Creative Directors // Maciej Marasek, Marcin Pucyk
Art Director // Kamil Kotarba
Copywriter // Marcin Pucyk
Production company // Opus Film, Warsaw
Ex.Producers // Michal Chichomski, Jarek Parzyjagla
Cinematographed by Wouter Westendorp
Cinematographer for the lake scene // Michal Dabal
Color artist // Claudio Beltrami
Edited by B+C, Wojciech Wlodarski
Original score and sound design // Smider
Art Directors // Janusz Mazurczak, Lisa Hart
Stylists // Laura Meek, Valter Kobal, Anna Bilicka
Line producer for Atomik Pictures // Keah Bews
1st AD // Tony Tex
Post production and VFX // Televisor, Warsaw
Shot in Cape Town, Warsaw, Austria.